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Monday, November 9, 2009

Support the Saints Benefit

There is a lot of controversy going on within the Saints but we must not forget our commitment to serve the performing arts community. This year, performing arts organizations are finding it more challenging than ever to raise money and find grant sources. No matter where you stand in regard to recent controversies within the organization, the benefit deserves our full support.

The net revenue raised at this year's benefit will be added to the funds that have already been budgeted for grants this year. If you have another commitment and cannot attend the benefit, buy some raffle tickets, or bid on auction items. In addition, you can help by soliciting merchandise and gift certificates from local merchants and restaurants. Ask them to help you support our annual fundraising activities. If you provide additional items that can be raffled, more money will be raised, and there will be more prizes.

The Saints is about supporting the performing arts community through ushering and volunteer activities. In addition, we proudly award grants to deserving organizations. It is important that we stand together and make this the most successful benefit ever.

Don't forget how much the performing arts community has done for you, and all the great performances that you have attended over the past year. To sign up for the Saints benefit, read about last year's grants, or print out raffle tickets, go to the Saints' website by clicking on the blue link.

1 comment:

  1. In past years, the raffle has been the primary vehicle for raising funds in support of the Grants program for the performing arts groups. Many of our participating theatres, music, performance art, and dance companies and venues, as well as restuarants and 'special friends' donate the prizes, and they have typically been abundant.

    As raffle tickets are not tax-deducible per current IRS regulations, you CAN make a tax-deductible contribution to the grant program, by sending a restricted donation (for grants) to the Saints Treasurer who will acknowledge your donation with a verification letter for the IRS.