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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Election 2010

It was very exciting to have an opportunity to hear the candidates at the Membership meeting last night. You will have a very different board starting June 1, regardless of who wins. You will be electing six candidates - five for a two year term, and one for a one year term. Please make sure that you vote.

All candidates' e-mail addresses are being made available to you so if you have any questions to ask of them, send them an e-mail and ask the question.

Let's see a HUGE turnout. This is your chance to choose who will lead your organization and make decisions that affect you and the local performing arts community. Very few people voted last year, and based on the results, you will see that the difference in votes between those who won and those who didn't is very small. Every one of your votes is very important.

This election needs to be about more than name recognition, or who you know. Base your vote on the candidates' answers to your questions. Base it on who you think will work hard, and meet deadlines. Base it on who you know can cooperate with others, even those with whom they disagree.

Think about what the candidates can bring to our organization in the way of both inside and outside experience.

Below, I have reprinted the results of last year's election.

The following 5 candidates were elected to 2 year terms each:

Mark Jeffries 187 votes
B. J . Nelson 187 votes
Linda Berg 183 votes
Deborah Granite 174 votes
Hugh Spencer 159 votes

The following 2 candidates were elected to 1 year terms each:

Lorraine Edelstein 156 votes
Sharon McLean 148 votes


The following 4 candidates were not elected:

Marvin Levin 141 votes
David Goldberg 131 votes
Laura Sapoznik 89 votes
Carole Howard 86 votes


Total ballots counted - 251
Total ballots disqualified per established rules - 12

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