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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Board Member!!

The Saints conducted an election during April and May of 2009 for fiscal year 6/1/2009 – 5/31/2010.

After checking the website at 7:30 pm on August 13, 2009, I have noticed that my name was removed. But what happened to Directors Jim Venskus and Hugh Spencer? Their names are gone too.

And, I see a new Director's name, Martin Frank, who was not a candidate this year. This seems like big news...

Does anyone care to comment or know what's going on?

Check it out at and click on "Contact Us" at the top of the page. They make it really easy for you to send an e-mail and find out what's happening.


  1. Democracy Requires Participation. By this standard, The Saints, with >1900 eligible voting members < 25% of whom voted in the last election, is not a healthy democracy.

  2. Why didn't the board go to the list of people who ran for the board and "promote" the next person in line by number of votes received? Seems logical and the most democratic.

    Also the board needs to call a "civilized" town hall meeting of memebers to address all of the concerns that are coming to the surface.

  3. When you ask for a copy of the Minutes, do you get them? How about older copies?

  4. Have any of you checked the supposedly current bylaws recently? As I read it, the Board is the only authority to accept or reject applications for membership. I have heard rumors that they recently passed a motion that the Board has final approval power over any member who wants to work on (not just chair) one of the committees. If it's true, it sounds like democratic participation may be limited...

  5. Re: New Board Member

    At the July Board Meeting, Hugh Spenser proposed that I be appointed to the Board to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Deb Granite, since I had the highest vote count of the 4 candidates who were not elected. I had previously expressed outrage at Deb's removal. Hugh's motion was defeated 4-3, after much discussion that the Bylaws allowed for 7-9 members and that it was not necessary to fill in a 9th member.

    Now, as Deb has pointed out, a new (ninth) Director is listed in the Spotlight and the web site. I don't know how or when the Board changed their mind and decided to fill the vacancy for the 9th position.

    -- Marvin

  6. re: Receiving minutes

    Watcher wrote, "When you ask for a copy of the Minutes, do you get them? How about older copies?".

    For the record, on July 22 I requested copies of the May and June minutes and - when available - the July minutes. I did this via email and asked to receive them via return email. I asked if that was okay since the published wording talks about sending written requests by mail. I was assured by the Secretary that my electronic request was "just fine." I was told it would be necessary to black out some names so that identities are not revealed. The secretary said he'd send them to me "as soon as I get a moment."

    A few weeks later, on August 7, I requested a copy of the August minutes as well. This time the reply was, "There is a slight complication about the minutes - I will respond to that issue in a few days after receiving further guidance from the Board."

    It's now August 19 and I have still not received anything.

    So don't hold your breath waiting if you request copies.
    -- Marvin

  7. On August 13, it was pointed out that there was a new board member, Martin Frank, listed on the Saints website. To the best of my knowledge, there has been no announcement of his appointment to the board. Can somebody, preferably from the Board of Directors, explain who is currently on the Saints Board? I have a strong case, which the board is aware of, that indicates that there was no vacancy and I am still a director. To date, the President still has not responded to a certified letter to him with copies to the Board advising him of this.