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Friday, December 25, 2009

Send E-mails to the Board

There is a board meeting that will be held in early January. If you cannot attend as an observer, it would be a good idea to voice your opinions to the board (and I mean each of us, not just one person) by e-mail about the following:

$30,000 allocation for 30th anniversary party

Suggestions about board vacancy - should we appoint a new member, or keep the seat vacant? If we appoint a member, should we select based on last Spring's election results?

Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction with the website

Suggestions regarding the printed Spotlight

Suggestions regarding the online Spotlight

Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction with board leadership

Electronic voting versus mail in ballots - mailed ballots to those without an e-mail address

You also can comment on this blog.

The board has a general idea about your feelings regarding the option to subscribe to the mailed Spotlight but your e-mails were not circulated to the board. So if you want us to know the specifics of what you think, please send your opinions to all of the board members.

I am committed to answering every single one of your e-mails. I care about what you think and will take your ideas into consideration.

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